Hesitation at its best

I am sitting here at work wondering what to write about for today’s blog.  Wait! Should I kept the sitting here at work?  What about if my co-workers read it? It might give me away.  Or maybe I can just say it was for writing purposes.  Yeah! I am going to tell them that, they wont know the difference.

Ok, soooo what to write about.  Man this what everyone has been talking about when the go blank. …..

Oh, I know! I am going to write about the funny I made this morning. Yeah! I think they will crack up when they hear it.  No wait, that is not in reference to psychology.  That will not work.  Ok, so lets see.  Oh I know! Let me talk about my fiancés cooking abilities.  He is a great cook! But wait, it would not work.  I need at least 250 words and he only has three good dishes.  So that won’t work.

Ok let’s see.  How about my family? What can I say about my family? Oh yeah we all love food.  Maybe I can talk about the good foods we enjoy and the daily struggles about our weight.  Naah that can be depressing.  I want something fun and spontaneous.  Something everyone can relate to.  What? What? Something to write about!  This coffee isn’t kicking in.  I need all the caffeine I can get.  I think I just drew a blank.

Oh man, see I took too much time! Now I have a meeting to go to.  Maybe when I come I back I can finish this blog.


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  1. talkingtina Said:

    This is a really good blog it made me laugh while reading it because it really represented hesitation at its best. At first I was like where is this blog going and then I looked at the title and it all clicked. Good Job!

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