Nature or Nurture

Do you think influences our behavior most, nature or nurture?

It is an ongoing debate as to what matters most.  Is it the love, affection, teaching of your parents or is it your environment, society?  Both in fact are very important in your life.  You need the love and affection from your parents to build a self esteem, build confidence and be kind to others as a whole.  Nurture is the stem of the self.  Your parents teach you how to love and treat others with respect.  You learn to respect yourself and share the world with others.  Your parents are the teachers of society’s rules.  On the other hand you have the environment.  Some say the regardless of the nurture of the family you will be influenced by those around you.  Your confidence and self esteem is irrelevant to how the environment plays a role on your behavior.  You become influenced by society and behave in the way that the majority does in order to receive acceptance.  In other words, if your parents teach you to say no, you will more than likely say yes if those around are saying yes.

Both are significant in our lives but only one carries the root of the self.  That is the nurture.  Think about it! The first contact in life if your parents.  You have learned everything from them, trust, love, and society’s rules.  If their teachings to you have been of positive influence you will behave in such matter.  There might some negative encounters and influences, but if your self esteem and respect for the self are in place you will overcome any situation that the environment presents you with.


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