Budget Cuts

The frustration is sinking in.  Colleges are closed and not receiving admissions until next year, spring maybe.  The classes needed for graduation are not available at the times desired or the classes are not offered at all this quarter.  With only three classes remaining the anticipation accelerates and the control is lost.

Yes, what you have read above is what many of us students are currently going through.  Because of the budget cuts students and educators are suffering the consequences.  The only problem should be enrolling on time for a class, but it is not.  Students are struggling to get into the few classes available.  For those who work full time for a necessity have to put school second because of the class availability.  Students will no longer be students and full time employees.  They will be full time employees only.  Because of the budget cuts the full time employed students will have to find the motivation and ambition to return to school when the economic crisis has been defeated.

“Budget cuts at community colleges mean different things to different people. For some it means the loss of a job. For others, it will mean less access to the classes they seek. For all, it means opportunities lost.”

“The California State University (CSU) system and the University of California (UC) system have both resorted to increasing tuition and fees to students to deal with the state budget cuts. They have the authority to do that – and do it quickly.”

“If you are a student, the availability of classes will probably be diminished. They won’t be available at the times you need to fit around your work or childcare schedule.”

Dr. Frank Gornick, Chancellor at West Hills Community College District


“In addition, no admission applications will be accepted for the 2010 spring term at either quarter or semester campuses, for any enrollment category. CSU has typically admitted more than 35,000 freshmen, undergraduate transfer and graduate students during the spring term.”

“Overall, CSU is looking to reduce its enrollment by 40,000 students system wide for 2010-11 through a combination of enrollment tools. The decision to close spring admissions is part of the overall effort to reduce enrollment.”

CSU Chancellor’s Office at Cal State Fullerton



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  1. hobomann Said:

    It’s definitely a bad time to be a college student right now. It’s nothing short of divine intervention that I’ve been able to get every class I’ve needed. I’ve always gotten bad registration times, and yet I some how get my classes. Adding classes is more nerve racking than taking finals, at least thats what I believe.

    The CSU’s and UC’s experiencing budget cuts are a result of politicians who only care about themselves and their pet projects. If California, and the rest of the country, was truly concerned with education and helping it’s citizens, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The politicians are enjoying their $50 filet mignon and $2000 bottle of wine, while teachers and students are getting screwed.

    I can’t begin to imagine how incoming freshmen are going to survive college, they won’t be able to get classes! I’m just glad I’m graduating winter next year.

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