Mud Run

I was approached today by my boss about a Mud Run in Camp Pendleton.  I was never really stationed there, but I have been there plenty of time visiting friends.  The last time I was there was about five years ago, so when my boss approached me and mentioned it, I was static.  The mud run is held annually and I hear it is sold would within hours upon opening registration.  When he told me that he had two tickets from two people of the group who had cancelled I got anxiety.  The thought of getting in was a powering feeling, but being around my second lost family, was even more powerful. 

I can already picture me running and getting chanted by other marines.  “Come on Marine, finish”, oh I have chills just thinking about it.  It brings back memories about the events we had.  I have never really participated in a mud run, I have been an observer but that was it.  I heard stories about the agonizing pain, but it is justified with the feeling.  So on Sunday June 6th at around 8 am I will be full of anxiety.  I will be among my second family being a part of them one more time. 

The fact that I will be getting attacked with the fire department water hoses does not intimidate me.  I will be soaked running up hill overcoming on hill at a time, while a Marine cheers at the top of the hill telling “this is the last one”, and realizing once I am on top that there is more.  Typical of Marines, lie to give motivation and have yourself push harder. =) 

I will admit I am little concerned about the quarter mile swim/walk.  The water is about 4’ deep and I am not very tall, so I will have to swim and after running in mud it might become challenging.  But then again, being around my second family at Camp Pendleton, I might just not even realize the pain.  Is it June 5 yet?



  1. flareymar Said:

    WOW! This sounds exhilarating! I wonder what that would feel like: not being afraid because it is nice just being around family. This blog sounds like you are coming back to life. I know that sometimes we leave things that we never know how to return to them, but I am very happy for your return and I wish you the best of luck. How the heck will you prepare for this one???

  2. Oh wow!! I’m so happy for you. You will get to once again come together with your military family; how exciting! I participated in the Mud Run in 2008. It was the most fun yet challenging experience of my life. It will be an experience you will definitely never forget. Have fun!

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