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What seemed to be a typical day at work, was not.  I just received notice of one of my coworkers father being in the hospital.  I know a little about the health history of his father, so the news was devastating.  The only thought going through my mind is death and it is causing me to recall the memories of my father before he passed away.

I remember it was the 25th of November.  I was out having lunch with my daughter and boyfriend at that time.  We were in a restaurant listening to Mariachi and enjoying a lunch.  After the lunch we were going to go to the hospital and check up on him.  He had been hospitalized for a couple of months prior and I had already been accustomed to visiting him at least four times a week.  So today I did not think anything else of it.  But what happened was when I was sitting down enjoying my lunch my phone had been ringing in my purse.  I could not hear the phone because of the music playing on the background.  It was not until we were getting ready to pay for the check and leave that I decided to look at my phone.  I found 4 missed calls and they were all coming from my sister and brother.  My first thought was fear.  Fear that something might have happened to my father.  So I called them back right away.  Once they answered they asked where I was at and requested that I go to the hospital.  They seemed well and not stressed, so I assumed that we were going to talk about other possible treatments with the doctors.  Even though in the back of my mind I was still scared I tried to think positive.

When I arrived at the hospital my father had just had his last breath.  I vaguely remember my mother telling me that he could still hear me.  The doctor has said that his last sense to go was his hearing.  I was in shock and could not react, I just cried.  I stood there looking at him and just kept crying.  My boyfriend at that time was Native American and his first reaction was to sing to him. He began chanting to him as he slowed passed away. 

Now that I hear one of my co-workers is in the hospital with his father, the memory came back as if it had happened yesterday.  It is the saddest, emptiest feeling anyone can feel.  I hope that his father will be in peace and of no pain.  Losing a father is like loosing a piece of the soul.