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Life is full of obstacles and as each is encountered we conform to it to make it work with ourselves.  What exactly is happening to you during the process?  It is said that you are an outcome of where you have been.

Truly in life since we are born we learn from our caregiver, we will say parents, about survival.  At your first cry you realize that it brings attention to you, signaling hunger or pain.  As you slowly progress to grade school, you learn to that it is no longer just about you and that you have others like you that have mastered what you have mastered, attention from parents.  So you build a bond with them and want to be part of them.  You choose your friends accordingly to what you think is relevant to your personality and you move on until you get to high school.  Now the friends that you have cannot just be friends, they have to have status.  We begin to look for those that are most popular to relate with them.  We copy their style of dressing, their attitude and in some cases we compete with them.  All in essence to want to have what they have, status.  Now you are grown and out of school, learning how to survive once again.  Your parents are no longer your guidance, it is your education and ambition that strives accomplishment.

Life is about learning how to survive the obstacles encountered.  As a baby we learn the basics.  Through school we pick up the skill of what is accepted and what is not in society. Now as adults you once again conform with the adaptation of basic survival skills and society acceptance.



Religion was built and as time has gone by we have become dependent of its evolution.  We pray.  We attend meetings/gatherings in which we find consolation.  Believing that there is someone or something out there that is undefined able, somehow the self finds comfort.

I am not a very religious person, although I was raised catholic and the behavior of Catholics was installed in me as a young age.  I don’t practice or intend to preach any form of religion.  We are all unique and we have to do or believe on what sooths our soul/self.  For me healing of the self is focus and acceptance of life.  I accept that we are all different and we find comfort in various ideas.  Although I must admit that if I find myself in fear I will probably be the first to begin prayer and look for something greater than myself to comfort me.

Why someone who claims to have a concept of life and not be religious falls into religious behavior?  From my experiences and my own realization is that when I was young the prayers and religious behavior, such as the sign of the cross, were installed in me to the point where it became second nature.  The consistency and practice of such behavior will be the immediate response for soothing my fears. Unless I deviate the learned behavior into a different behavior, I will probably continue to pray or make the sign of the cross at any time I am distressed.

Women today

I have come to realize that exercise is not just about loosing weight but it is about feeling good.  Not all bodies are “assembled” equally, and that is what gives us uniqueness.  Then if we promote uniqueness, why do we want to be look-a-likes?

Speaking from my point of view, women are competitive with one another to ultimately to attract the “good man”.  It has been instated in our minds that the way to attract a man is by our appearance, which is suppose to be the hourglass figure.  And provided that might be correct, who originally started that idea?  We are harder on ourselves when we gain a few pounds, do not look like the girl on the magazine or our friend took the man we used to find attractive.  The first thought or the first excuse that comes to mind is based on our self-evaluation.  And instead of thinking positive we think about the negative. 

Women should be able to embrace themselves for the positive qualities they have acquired and will continue to acquire throughout their lifetime.  Exercise should be seen as a choice, not a need.  There should be little comparison to our neighbors and equality should only be compared to our inner self.  If we can achieve self-fullfillness, then we might be able to have control on our self-esteem.  The reliability on others can be comforting, but at the same time it might be damaging to the self is not interpreted with positive views.  Ultimately we make the choice!

The Unknown

The unknown is what we are not familiar with.  Consciously we build schemas to find a relation to what is unknown to us.  At times when we do not know, we build a discomfort within that makes us worrisome and we then want to solve.  It is a natural ability within humans. It is easy to assume in order to make peace within. 

 I mentioned earlier some facts about suicide.  Comments were said about their opinions about the reasons or excuses for why people commit suicide.  There is nothing incorrect about their statements.  In fact all they are doing is building schemas and connecting them to what they do know, in order to justify the act. 

 I also commented on my road rage adventures.  I was not familiar with the situation because it was my first time experiencing just disturbing behavior.  So I did the same thing.  Build my own schemas and connected them to what I did know and reacted to make myself at ease.  I assumed that if I assimilated grabbing a gun from underneath the seat was going to perceive me as a strong individual who would not fear or support their behavior.  It turned out to be a safe way out, but my perception could have been incorrect.

 These are only two of many in which we build ideas in our minds to familiarize the event.  We are problem solvers and the stimuli presented will trigger us to build schemas to make it known and connect with the situation.


It has been said that between 10 and 20 million people attempt to take thier lifes each year worldwide.  Out of those who attempt, 1 million of them are successfull.  Teens and young adults under the age of 35 are the leading cause of suicide worldwide.  Taking into account the facts, why would a teenager attempt to take thier life?  Depression, bipolar, alcoholism, drug abuse?  Looking into these possibilities one can quickly understand why teenagers may be the leading cause. 

Trying to fit it, looking for acceptance from society, teenagers can be inclined to destruct themselves just to feel welcome or feel as if they belong.  Negative response from society may cause them to inflict themselves pain because they assume the are not good enough.  It can lead them to drug use that impares their judgement causing them to make irrational decisions.

Why young adults though? As a young adult you are instated by society that you should have obtained certain material wealth at certain stages of your live.  Again, attempting to gain acceptance of society’s norms they may feel inferior reflecting as a negative self.  

Financially estability is another causing factor for people to commit suicide.  Just a few years ago, I heard several stories about the head of the house hold murdering the family and ending the savage act by committing suicide himself.  The reasons for commiting suicide was due to the economic crisis and unability to provide for the family.  People rationalize with themselves that the only solution is to end it.  If they can not control society’s output to family, they end the input as well.